Alyssa C.

Surgery Nurse

Alyssa joined out hospital in 2020 as a Veterinary Assistant and moved her way up to a surgery tech. She will be attending RVT school soon but her goal is to be an exotic veterinarian. Alyssa has had many pets but she currently owns 4 bearded dragons, Grim, Gio, Kellogg, and Wizard, a crested gecko, Tiny, a sulcate tortoise, Tortuga, a Pineapple Conure, Turkey, a fancy rat, Panchito, two guinea pigs, Spot and Walnut, a husky, Niyah, and five cats, Turbo, Moose, Nos, Boos, and Jack.  She is always looking to add to her tiny zoo! When Alyssa is not working at the hospital, she loves to take care of her animals at home, hanging out with her family, reading, and continuing her education. She wants you all to know that she cannot wait to help your babies, whether they have fur, scales or feathers!